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Distance: 0.33 miles away

Elevation Burger

This small burger chain offers two veggie burgers with your choice of 11 toppings. Veggie burger #2 is vegan, while #1 is not. The fries are cooked in olive oil. They offer salads as well, and nothing on the menu contains any trans fat. View menu
Distance: 1.59 miles away

Caphe Bahn Mi

Vietnamese restaurant offering several vegan options including vegan bahn mi, vegan pho, imperial rolls, and more.
Distance: 1.61 miles away

Pizzeria Paradiso

Upscale pizza parlor priced under $19.25. Substitute delicious Daiya vegan cheese on any pizza.
Distance: 1.7 miles away


December 2014: For a limited time, this Subway location is re-introducing two hearty vegan sandwiches — the Malibu Garden and Sweet Riblet.
Distance: 1.75 miles away

Restaurant Eve

This restaurant offers both an upscale bistro, and a more formal Chef’s Tasting Room which always has a vegetarian option. Vegans should call or email ([email protected]) one day in advance.
Distance: 1.83 miles away

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Inexpensive Tex-Mex fast food restaurant offering meatless burritos, tacos, and salad bowls with beans, grilled veggies, fresh salsas, and guacamole, as well as new spicy tofu sofritas for a meaty substitute. Now features a new pinto bean recipe that is entirely vegan, like their black beans.View menu.
Distance: 1.89 miles away

Le Pain Quotidien

Cafe offering a variety of vegetarian specialties. Vegan items are clearly marked and may include a vegetable “quiche,” organic quinoa salad. They also have some vegan pastries and most of their breads are vegan.
Distance: 1.9 miles away


This burger joint has vegan fries (potato or sweet potato) and a veggie burger (which contains egg white) available.
Distance: 1.92 miles away

Pita House

Mediterranean restaurant with a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options, including hummus, avocado salad, falafel wraps, and more.
Distance: 1.96 miles away

Asian Bistro

Pan-Asian Restaurant (Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, etc.) with a separate vegetarian menu.
Distance: 2.01 miles away

Red Rocks Firebrick Pizzeria

Neapolitan-style brick oven pizza with toppings that include broccolini, eggplant, and sun-dried tomatoes. This location does not have vegan cheese.
Distance: 2.06 miles away

Trader Joe’s

Vegetarian-friendly grocery store chain. Located near the Braddock Road Metro station.
Distance: 2.08 miles away

Teaism Old Town

Atmospheric tea house featuring excellent Asian-inspired cuisine. Offers many vegetarian and vegan as-is dishes. Plus, many others can be veganized. Try the Three Grain Tempeh Scramble, Seitan Stir Fry, or Kelp Noodles with spicy almond butter!
Distance: 2.09 miles away

Nickell’s and Scheffler

This café serves entrees, sandwiches, soups and salads, with vegetarian and vegan selections highlighted. Create your own panini to make it vegan, or choose from the many vegan sides. The vinaigrette dressings are vegan. View menu
Distance: 2.12 miles away

The Perfect Pita

Mediterranean fast food restaurant with clearly marked vegan option like white bean salad, tabbouli and falafel sandwiches. NOTE: Their hummus contains feta cheese, and the tzatziki sauce that comes on the falafel contains yogurt. View menu
Distance: 2.14 miles away


This upscale restaurant specializes in American-style cooking, and offers a vegetarian tasting-menu. They will also make a custom vegan dish if requested, but be sure to call ahead to see if they have necessary ingredients. View menu
Distance: 2.22 miles away

Caboose Café

This quaint café offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options such as the hummus and cucumber sandwich. For dinner (Friday & Saturday only), try the vegan Ethiopian dishes. Located near the Braddock Road and King St Metro stations. View menu
Distance: 2.22 miles away

Haute Dogs

This restaurant offers a vegan hot dog, as well as just a bun with fixings (no hot dog).
Distance: 2.24 miles away
Distance: 2.26 miles away

Hard Times Cafe

Relaxed restaurant renowned for its fantastic, homemade vegan chili with soy protein. The veggie burgers are made with egg whites. A 5-minute walk from the King Street Metro station. View menu
Distance: 2.37 miles away

Bangkok Golden

Thai restaurant offering a vegetarian menu for lunch and dinner. Be sure to specify no egg or fish sauce. View menu
Distance: 2.38 miles away

Healthway Natural Foods

Grocery store chain specializing in natural and organic foods. Located near the Huntington Metro station.
Distance: 2.44 miles away

The Perfect Pita

Mediterranean fast food restaurant with clearly marked vegan option like white bean salad, tabbouli and falafel sandwiches. NOTE: Their hummus contains feta cheese, and the tzatziki sauce that comes on the falafel contains yogurt. View menu
Distance: 2.5 miles away

Quattro Formaggi

They have a separate vegetarian section with several tofu-based dishes. Check out the rest of the menu for more vegetarian options and look for daily vegetarian specials. View menu
Distance: 2.76 miles away

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Substitute Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips for chicken in any menu item. Try the Thai Chicken Toasted Wrap or the Caribbean Luau Toasted Flatbread (hold the cheese to make it vegan). Also choose from a wide array of delicious smoothies made with fresh fruit.
Distance: 2.83 miles away


In June 2012 this location tested three vegan sandwiches. The new items were so popular that they sold out! Now the test marketing is over – if you’d like Subway to bring back vegan options, please tell them today: WeLoveSubway.com
Distance: 2.95 miles away

California Tortilla

Inexpensive Tex-Mex fare. Great bean and rice or vegetable burritos and salads. Be sure to specify no cheese and no sour cream, or just order their vegan-ready “No-Meato Burrito”. The guacamole and chips are vegan. View menu

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