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Distance: 0.46 miles away

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Inexpensive Tex-Mex fast food restaurant offering meatless burritos, tacos, and salad bowls with beans, grilled veggies, fresh salsas, and guacamole, as well as new spicy tofu sofritas for a meaty substitute. Now features a new pinto bean recipe that is entirely vegan, like their black beans. View menu.
Distance: 0.97 miles away

Trader Joe’s

Vegetarian-friendly grocery store chain. Located near the Twinbrook Metro station.
Distance: 1.67 miles away

Vegetable Garden

This popular all-vegan Asian restaurant that closed in 2012 has reopened in a new location. The owners generously hold a benefit day for Compassion Over Killing on the second Wednesday of each month. Lunch, dinner, or takeout – 10% of your bill will be donated to COK!
Distance: 2.64 miles away

Asteroids Cafe

Asteroids Cafe offers an innovative Middle-Eastern inspired menu with a variety of vegan appetizer, sandwich, and platter options. Try the fried cauliflower, veggie lovers platter, and more. View menu
Distance: 2.72 miles away

Pho Hoa Binh

Vietnamese Pho restaurant serving vegan vegetable and fried tofu pho, along with a number of other vegan dishes such as rice and vermicelli spring roll entrese and appetizers. Just be sure to request vegetable broth and not chicken!
Distance: 2.77 miles away

Terry’s Healthy Food

All-vegetarian wholesale and retail grocery with a wide selection of unique veggie meats, including vegan “duck,” “fish,” and “steak.” Sold in packs and cases. A 15-minute walk from the White Flint Metro station.
Distance: 2.79 miles away

Sheba Ethiopian

Ethiopian cuisine with several vegan options, including some atypical dishes like eggplant wot and beet salad. View menu.
Distance: 2.8 miles away

MOM’s Organic Market

Family owned and locally operated organic grocer. They feature all-organic produce, convenient recycling bins for batteries and light bulbs, and lots of vegetarian and vegan products. They’re also powered by wind! Contains an organic cafe. Located near the White Flint Metro station.
Distance: 2.8 miles away


Pangea has some groceries, but, more importantly, has all the hard-to-find vegan items in one place. Most definitely a favorite of local vegans. Only open on weekends.
Distance: 2.8 miles away

Naked Lunch

This 100% organic cafe is located inside MOM’s Organic Market. Serves fresh raw juice, salad, steam bowls, soup, and veggie burgers.
Distance: 2.81 miles away

Nut House Pizza

This local kosher pizzeria and sandwich shop not only has Daiya cheese, but several kinds of fake meat as well. For vegan pizza, just request the egg-free dough. Three blocks from the Wheaton metro station.
Distance: 2.88 miles away
Distance: 2.92 miles away

Siena’s restaurant

This mostly vegetarian Kosher restaurant (they serve seafood) has Mexican, Italian, and American dishes. Except for seafood, all meat on the menu (e.g. beef) is actually veggie meat made with soy products.
Distance: 2.94 miles away

Panda Wok

Located in downtown Wheaton, this Chinese take-out joint offers various TVP options such as TVP Chicken with Cashew Nuts and TVP Sesame Beef.
Distance: 2.94 miles away

Pho-Hiep Hoa

This Vietnamese restaurant has a vegan broth available for the pho (be sure to ask as it isn’t clear on the menu), and both soft and fried tofu. View menu
Distance: 2.94 miles away

Green Plate Catering

Catering company that specializes in vegan & vegetarian foods using local and sustainable foods.
Distance: 2.96 miles away

The Limerick Pub

This cozy pub doesn’t leave veg-lovers out of their strong Irish tradition: enjoy vegan bangers and mash, veggie burgers and more next to the crackling fireplace in this local Wheaton watering hole. View menu
Distance: 3 miles away

Saigonese Restaurant

Offering more than 25 vegetarian dishes. Vegan favorites include black-peppered gluten, charcoal-grilled tofu, and spicy lemongrass tofu soup. A 5-minute walk from the Wheaton Metro station. View menu

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