November Feature of the Month: The Vegetable Garden

The holidays are coming, and (hopefully) you have started prepping your Tofurky and Earth Balance-infused mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. With December holidays right around the corner, you may feel a tad overwhelmed by all the shopping, cooking, and baking in your future. Take a night off and head to the Vegetable Garden, a “truly vegan” restaurant that offers healthful Asian-style meals. If you are looking to consume a little less oil, the Vegetable Garden provides a non-fat menu with steamed-only dishes, a perfect option if you’re prepping to stuff yourself with delicious vegan holiday food in the near future. In the mood for something refreshing and energizing? Head over to the juice bar to sip some freshly-made juice or wheatgrass. The Vegetable Garden also provides a kid’s menu for pickier little ones. Party of five or more? Please consider making a reservation ahead of time.