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Fractured Prune: Vegan Donuts, Breakfast & More!

Pumpkin Mini Donut: 2 for $1.75
Includes toppings of your choice: vegan options includes agave,
cinnamon sugar, Oreo cookie crumbs, coconut, and nuts

Vegan Hole-in-One: $4.25
Three pumpkin mini donuts topped with a scoop of soy ice cream
(vanilla or chocolate) & dairy-free whipped cream, chocolate sauce,
nuts, etc…

Bagels: $0.95 each or $2.49 with vegan cream cheese*

Breakfast Burrito: $4.50
Made with tofu scramble (tofu, spices and soy chorizo), your choice of
veggie bacon or sausage, plus spinach, salsa, and vegan cheese

Vegan Breakfast Plate: $5.00
Tofu scramble (tofu, spices and soy chorizo), your choice of veggie
bacon or sausage plus a bagel with vegan cream cheese

V-BLT: $4.35
Veggie bacon, lettuce, tomato, and vegan mayo served on your choice
of bagel or bread (white or wheat)

Veggie Patty: $5.00
Veggie patty with guacamole, salsa, lettuce, and tomato on your choice of bread or a bagel.

Soy Yogurt Parfait: Small $4.14 Medium $5.20
With your choice of fruit topping plus granola

Fruit Cup:  $3.75
Mixed seasonal fruit.

Fruit Smoothies: $4.25
See smoothie menu for options, request soy yogurt or soy milk

Soy Milk Shake: $4.25
Made with dairy-free ice cream. Ask for available flavors.

°° We also offer soy creamer for coffee °°

* Need a large order? Ask for special pricing and fruity vegan cream cheese
options for bagels (large orders only)

NOTE: This vegan menu is only available at 8512 Fenton St. in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  P.O. BOX 9773, WASHINGTON, DC 20016 | 301-891-2458 | [email protected]