Best Vegetarian Restaurant 2007

Compassion Over Killing is excited to announce the winners of our 2007 “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” Contest!

Java Green Voted “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” in D.C.-Metro Area

In recognition of its mouth-watering meatless cuisine, voters have chosen Java Green as the “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” in the Washington, D.C.-Metro area. Compassion Over Killing is proud to present Java Green with its 2007 “Three Green Stars” award. This bustling yet intimate downtown eatery introduced its meat-free menu in 2004, and has been pleasing the palates of vegetarians and meat-eaters alike ever since. Popular dishes include the “chicken” rice bowl, the veg max panini (also known as the VegDC panini), and the “chicken” chili wrap.

Java Green: 1020 19th St., N.W., Washington, D.C., 202-775-8899.

“Three Green Stars” Also Awarded to The Vegetable Garden and Sunflower’s “Three Green Stars” awards are also being dished out to The Vegetable Garden in Rockville, Md. and Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in Vienna, Va.—both restaurants were selected by voters as “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” in Md. and Va., respectively.

The Vegetable Garden: 11618 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md., 301-468-9301.

Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant: 2531 Chain Bridge Rd., Vienna, Va., 703-319-3888.

The D.C.-Metro area is home to more than two dozen vegetarian eateries catering to an ever-growing demand for delicious and innovative animal-friendly fare, and during the month of June, Washingtonians voted for their favorites in’s first ever “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” contest. The contest was hosted by Compassion Over Killing and was sponsored by Pangea, Perfect Organics, and the Vegetarian Society to Washington, D.C.—all of which donated prizes for ten lucky voters chosen at random!

Thank you to everyone who participated in and sponsored our 2007 “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” Contest!
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